Time of Delivery

Your membership card and the corresponding vouchers will be delivered within 10 working days after your online purchase. Please be specific for the delivery address to avoid any delay. The package will be delivered to you by our courier and will require your signature on the package receipt form. Should you need to follow-up the delivery of your package, you can email us at info@tawfeer.co.ae or contact us

Steps for Refund Request

Call our Customer Service Department on  +971 2 5021111 or send a mail to info@tawfeer.co.ae

Include all original packaging and collateral material. 

Please provide at least the following information in your return request package.

•  Online Order Number

•  Reason for Return

•  Your contact details

On acceptance of the returned membership package, we will inform you the status of your request within 7 days. Kindly note that refund request is upon the Management's discretion and subject to deduction of the incurred charges.

Refunds on the purchases made with the credit card will only be credited to the same card. Please allow one month billing cycle in order for your credit card to appear.

Note that incurred expenses will be deducted from the receipt online payment depending on the membership type: Classic Membership AED 500,  Deluxe Membership1000,  and VIP Membership AED 1500.

International Shipping charges (for all items shipped outside UAE) will be deducted for all returns based on the applicable shipping charges.

All return packages to be mailed to:

Attention:  3rd floor, Abu Dhabi Plaza Tower, opposite Al Mariah Cinema, Najda Street.

Abu Dhabi, U.A.E.

Tawfeer Facilities L.L.C.

Tel:  +971 2 5021111

Following the above mentioned instructions will enable us to process your return effectively. 

If you have any questions about our return procedures, please contact us or call  +971 2 5021111. Please note that return shipment charges would have to be borne by the sender.