Khamis Awad Salem

I would like to thank Tawfeer Company for all the offers that I have received and wish them success and conciliation

Omer Abdullah Sulaiman

Thank you TAWFEER for all the offers, especially the international offers thank you for the good treatment, care, hospitality I wish for TAWFEER all the best

H.E.Sheikh Mohammed Al-Qasemi

I would like to thank Tawfeer’s amazing team for all their efforts to provide excellent service, really helpful towards their clients and very hospitable. I wish this company all the best!

Naser Mohammed

I would like to thank TAWFEER for the continuous excellence and for the great services offered by the TAWFEER employees All the best and success to TAWFEER

Mohammed Alamri

I would like to thank you for your cooperation and granting me your the TAWFEER card membership, you have amazing services and your reception services was very good Thank you TAWFEER

Marwan Alhammad

TAWFEER is the best company world wide, especially after releasing the new world wide memberships, also the employees are very professional in treating their customers. All the best to TAWFEER

Salem Mohammed Alshamsi

The employees in TAWFEER are very polite, the way they deliver the information is professional also the offers given by the company are amazing and helpful. Thank you TAWFEER

Mahmoud Mohammed

The services provided by TAWFEER are one of the best services available in the UAE so I would advise everyone to join the company to benefit from its international services ... Thank you TAWFEER !

Ghanem Ali Almeri

It was a pleasure to meet with TAWFEER employees and it was an amazing experience...Thank you TAWFEER

Abdulrahman Saleh Alhammadi

The services were very good and available 24/7, it was also a great experience. Thank you TAWFEER